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Wings of Karen, we thank you!
By AMY POFFENBARGER | Published: JUNE 15, 2012

On Tuesday, June 12, published an heart-wrenching yet uplifting story that we just have to share.

Wings of Karen is a non-profit breast cancer foundation supporting reasearch in Pacific Northwest. Launched this year, Wings of Karen is proud to support the breast cancer research and clinical program of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, a powerful collaboration between UW Medicine and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. In honor of her mother whose name was Karen, Kristi Blair turned a support group into something she hopes will be long lasting and beneficial. Kristi’s mother died of breast cancer five years ago. Then Kristi was diagnosed with it herself last year, at a much earlier stage than her mom fortunately. Talk about motivation.

“I have always raised funds for breast cancer, but knew I needed to take it to another level when diagnosed myself,” Kristi told me. Kristi is now a patient at SCCA and is passionate about making a difference in the way breast cancer is treated.

Click here to read the full article here from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance ...

Maple Valley woman's search for cancer cure takes flight with 'Wings Of Karen'

TJ MARTINELL - Covington Reporter Reporter JUNE 20, 2012 ·

Click here to read the full article from Maple Valley Reporter ...

Talking Rain Supports New Breast Cancer Vaccine

Strengthening our communities has always been at the heart of Talking Rain Beverage Company’s mission. One of our longest standing causes has been support of breast cancer research. As our partners in the medical research realm continue to break barriers and move closer to a cure, our dedication to fund their critical work intensifies.

This October, Talking Rain was honored to donate $50,000 in research funding to the Cancer Vaccine Institute at UW Medicine as they work to develop a vaccine to prevent the reoccurrence of early staged breast cancer.


“On behalf of Talking Rain, it was an honor to present our donation to Dr. Nora Disis who heads up the Cancer Vaccine Institute at UW Medicine and breast cancer survivor Kristi Blair, a leading supporter of the Cancer Vaccine Institute at UW Medicine,” said Nina Morrison, Vice President of Community and Customer Relations at Talking Rain. “With the support of Dr. Nora Disis and Kristi Blair, we know we’re taking one step closer to finding a cure and supporting our company’s goal of creating a breast cancer vaccine for all.”


We’re proud to work together with our community partners to continue the fight to find a cure.

For more information on Talking Rain’s recent check presentation at UW Medicine, please visit: Sparkling Ice on YouTube

For these women, a new path after breast cancer
By Brandi Kruse | 97.3 KIRO FM

By the time Karen Denmark was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at the age of 49, it was really too late to save her life.

"We caught it at a very late stage," said her daughter, 35-year-old Kristi Blair. "At the time it was everywhere in her body."

While she knew there was a possibility that her mother's diagnosis could become her own, Blair focused instead on a support group she created called "Team Karen," and spent every waking hour learning what she could about the disease that was sure to claim her mother's life.

She researched the best hospitals, and knew all of the best doctors. She learned about advances in care, and found out where donations to breast cancer charities were going.

"We learned really quickly about breast cancer," Blair said.

But she was about to learn a lot more.

Five years after her mother died, Blair was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had been preparing for a Halloween party to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation when she got the call.

"That was a devastating day," she recalled. "Talk about fear; that was a fearful day.

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