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Karen Denmark

The woman who inspired the creation of Wings of Karen. This foundation is a tribute to her passion for life and her selfless helping, caring and loving of others.


It is Karen’s legacy that her angel wings spread a little wider each time someone touched by her love shares that love with someone else. It is Wings of Karen’s promise to extend her legacy through the wonderful people supporting this foundation so that women will not have to face breast cancer as it is today. The wings of Karen are reaching many to make this world a better place, a place without breast cancer.

Mom (A poem by Erik Denmark)
You showed us the way; you touched the sky with us

I will forever remember the beautiful days,
You were always there to help me stand
My guardian of hope and wonder,
You showed me that this truly is a wonderful life

I know it is our fate, we all have to die
At least, we have to tell ourselves this somehow,
So that we can find a way to accept
The reason why you are gone

You dedicated your life to me, as you did to everyone,
To anyone you ever knew or touched
There were endless intimate moments
They were all important with you

You had a gift to make me feel special always
You showed me how to love sincerely,
Without ever having to say a word, you showed me

And if you ever had any doubts about whether I recognized it Mom,
You shouldn’t; I cherished every day, every moment

Though the pain of watching your body breakdown,
Leaves us only with questions,
You handled death as you handled life,
With grace, humility, love, and strength; So much strength

And though it was your body that eventually let you down,
We won’t forget your physical beauty either;

The magic in you translucent blue eyes,
Your elegant and cheerful blonde hair,

And your voice, a voice that will lead you in the heavenly choir
Your music is the voice of angels

Maybe we have to say goodbye to your physical being
But I know you will still reveal your soul to me

Maybe it won’t be the rain or the rainbow,
Or the sun or the moon peeking through the clouds,
Or the shinning stars that follow your light,

Though your love was and is worthy
Of all the celestial revelations,
It’s not your style to draw attention to yourself.
I imagine you’ll probably just find a way
to carve out a permanent portion of my heart to settle in
so that you can be with me now
for every skip, for every beat,
for every high, for every low,

And for all of the moments that we would have missed

You led us in life,
And now you will lead us in the afterlife,
I promise to live my life how you led yours…

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